I. General Rules

1. No spamming or trolling in voice/text chat or in game


2. No cheating and/or bug abuse


3. No glitch compensation unless you have evidence (screenshot, video)


4. No vulgar usernames or pictures


5. No discrimination of any kind


6. No NSFW content, ever


7. No controversial topics (politics, religion, social issues)


8. No staff imitation


9. Do not tag staff without a good reason (emergency in-game, etc)


10. You must have a microphone to play - no crackling or echoing


11. No advertising content or servers without permission (except for streams of the server)


12. Drug running: Drug running in this server is custom and has custom ways to obtain them. The risk is that if you get caught with drugs on you or in a car that is in your possession then you will be charged for it. Drugs have a flat rate for sale, but if there is no police online you won’t be able to sell.


13. Using any glitches, exploits, bugs in the server will result in a permanent ban


14. You may not buy more than 1 shop   

15. Do not interfere with an active role play scenerio

II. Roleplay Rules

1. Never break character unless an admin gives you permission or if there is a real life emergency.


2. Act realistically at all times (no FailRP)


3. FearRP applies - you must value your life as if you can permanently die

Do not try to punch someone when they have a gun to your head

Do not try to run when someone has a gun to your head unless you firmly believe they won't shoot

Never do something that will result in death (jumping from buildings, purposely drowning yourself, etc)


4. No RDM or VDM 


5. No Powergaming: This could include abusing game mechanics to get out of a situation,

making up an unreasonable story as to why whatever they are trying to achieve can’t happen,

saying your weapons were ‘hidden’ after someone has already acted out taking them from you, etc.


6. No Metagaming (using information your character hasn’t learned in character)

-Stream sniping

-Asking a friend out of character 

-Communicating important information in OOC

-Discord aka bluetooth is acceptable 


7. All PvP engagements must be engaged verbally if possible. If you aim a weapon at someone, shoot at their vehicle, attempt to steal their vehicle, you may be killed


8. “NLR”, or “New Life Rule” applies after RP deaths - you forget ALL events leading up to your death unless you are revived

If you are dead, you are allowed to send a ‘distress’ signal to EMS, Police and friends. But may NOT give details of your death.

-Good example: “Help, I’m injured!”

-Bad example: “Help, I was shot by Noah for stealing his car!”


9. You may not enter an apartment or the Hospital to avoid conflict - doing so will result in a temp ban.


10. You may not change your character’s name if you are wanted or currently in an rp scenario


11. EMS are not allowed to be kidnapped or robbed while they are at a call reviving someone


12. Macros are not allowed at any time, for any reason


13. Dirty Money is considered illegal and will be confiscated

14. The Casino is a green zone. This means you may not attack, rob, kill, etc someone.

15. You may not shoot out of an armored vehicle unless you are shooting out of an open door

III. Continued Rules

1. No combat logging 


2. Bluetooth/Wireless communication is allowed, however, you must speak out loud in-game if somebody is in speaking distance


3. Treat NPCs like players, they are people too


4. You may land helicopters on private property, runways or buildings with helipads. Planes must be landed at airports. Neither planes nor helicopters may fly close to buildings.


5. If all tires are popped or your car is smoking you must get it repaired or pull over.


6. No Cop/EMS baiting (Purposely breaking laws in front of cops just to get a reaction/make them chase you)


7. No stealing Police/EMS/Fire vehicles without an RP reason


8. You are not allowed to instantly run from the police for no reason

-Good reason: There is a warrant out for your arrest

-Bad reason: I have drugs on me (cops won’t search for you no reason)

-Good reason: This Police Officer will recognize me if he sees my face and arrest me


9. If you are knocked unconscious or killed, you must act injured after you are revived. No running, no fighting. You must seek medical treatment from EMS.


10. You may not rob a store from outside the store or from inside a vehicle 


11. You may not use personal vehicles when doing jobs. You must use the vehicle given by that specific job.

IV. Police & EMS Rules

1. At bank robberies, as a Police Officer / EMS it is your #1 priority to keep everyone (including the criminal) alive.


2. EMS may not pull weapons at robberies at any time.


3. Police/EMS must leave the scene of a crime to receive medical treatment at a hospital.


4. Police and EMS may not return to a scene or RP scenario if they have been killed.


5. You may not search someone unless they are handcuffed and you are legally permitted to or they have given you permission to search them.


6. You may not handcuff someone without roleplaying it properly

-“Sir, please turn around and put your hands behind your back for me.” 


7. If someone passes beyond the lobby in PD, police may immediately taze, detain, then search you. You will be fined and arrested for trespassing.


8. Miranda Rights must be read to a detainee if they are being questioned or are due to be questioned.


9. Police may take Driving Licenses if someone repeatedly breaks traffic laws.

V. Criminal Rules

1. You may not scam (or rob) someone for a drug recipe


2. You may lie about having a hostage but the Police will require proof of life


3. If you get put in prison, you may not leave until your time is up. 


4. If you are killed during a robbery, you may not return to the scene or reengage in the RP scenario.


5. If you start a robbery you must finish it - if you start it accidentally, cancel it immediately then let the Police know.


6. You must pay ALL fines that are given to you when instructed by a Trooper. Failure to do so may result in a temporary ban.

VI. Additional Information

1. You may not fly large planes or aircraft with weapons on them


2. If you steal an aircraft, and are flying too close to buildings or populated areas you may be shot down 


3. If you violate the rules and are banned from the community you will not receive a refund on any donations made.

4. The Military Base and Aircraft Carrier are off-limits. 


Failure to abide by the rules above may result in you being kicked or banned from the community.


Anyone who is found obtaining money by breaking the rules or cheating/glitching it in will have their account wiped or may be permanently banned. This means you will lose all houses, cars, money, etc.


By playing on this server you agree to abide by all rules stated above.

©2020 by Paradise City Role Play