Key Bindings/Commands:

/ooc - Out of Character chat
/ad - send out an ad for everyone (costs $250)
/jobad - send out an ad related to your job (costs $350)
/darkad - send out an ad that police can not see (costs $500)
Y - Vehicle trunk

E - On a dead body you can press E and loot them
L - Lock your vehicle
B - Seat Belt
F1 - Phone
F2 - Inventory

F6 - Job Menu (Only Certain Jobs)
F7 - Invoices
F9 - Livery Menu
F10 - Extra Menu

~ - Change chat distance (Green is regular talking distance, red is yelling, yellow is whisper)

Caps Lock - Speed Limiter

/e help - Animations list

/race start amount [delay] - Start a race for money using waypoint or recorded checkpoints
Optional argument for delay before race starts (default 30s)
/race cancel - Cancel a created race before it starts and refund money
/race leave - Withdraw from the active race (no refunds)
/race record - Record checkpoints using map
Set waypoints on the map to create checkpoints (snaps to nearest vehicle path node)
Double click existing checkpoints to remove
/race clear - Clear recorded checkpoints
/race save name - Save recorded checkpoints with name
/race load name - Load recorded checkpoints with name
/race delete name - Delete recorded checkpoints with name
/race list - List saved checkpoints by name

Non-Whitelisted Jobs:

  • Taxi - Drive a taxi and take calls to drive people around (includes NPC missions)

  • Mining - Drive a dump truck and collect, wash, smelt, and sell rocks

  • Fueler - Drive a fuel truck to collect oil, process, and sell it

  • Lumberjack - Collect wood, process, and sell it

Whitelisted Jobs:

  • State Police

  • Fire/EMS

  • Mechanic

  • Car Salesman


  • When purchasing a vehicle you may either go to Simeons located right outside Legion Square or go to Luxury Autos located in Rockford Hills

    • Luxury Autos offers leasing and financing beyond just simply purchasing

  • After upgrading a vehicle you must put it in your garage to save the upgrades


  • There are 95 businesses around the map that are available for purchase. To operate the business you will have to purchase stock. You are paid every hour whether you are online or not and at this time one stock will be removed. If the business is not stocked you will not get paid. All businesses have a 10% income tax.


  • Players may invest their money and receive 1.8% a day, compounding. Once an investor's account reaches $5 million they may not put any more money in and their account may not hold more than $10 million. If you would like to invest please go to M&T Investing.


  • Pacific Standard Bank Robbery requires 8 cops online

    • Items Needed:​

      •  4 Thermite Charges (Black Market)​

      • Pacific Standard ID Card (Black Market)

    • Pays $2.5M+

  • ATMs require 3 cops online

    • Requires Hacking Device (Black Market)​

    • Pays $1,000 - $15,000

  • Bank Trucks require 3 cops online

    • Pays $5,000 - $50,000​

  • Stores require 2 cops online

    • Pay varies store to store​

      • Lowest pay: $3,000​

      • Highest pay: $20,000


  • We have both marijuana and meth on the server

    • Meth (How to)​

      • You need the Journey van​

      • A mobile meth lab (Black Market)

      • The secret recipe (ask around or join a gang)

      • Can only cook outside of the city

    • Marijuana (How to)

      • Plant pot​

      • Female weed seeds (Obtained from growing a male seed)

      • Fertilizer

      • Water (Not Bottled)

      • Zip Lock Bags

      • Drug Scale


  • Any player(s) may start a gang

  • No registration is required

  • You are still required to follow the rules but feel free to break the law

Player Created Jobs/Businesses

  • Any player may make their own business

  • Legal businesses must be registered through the Business Registration form

  • You may choose where you want to operate out of but you can not try and take another businesses area of operations

    • Business Examples:​

      • Loan Company​

      • Private Pilot

      • Property Management

      • Private Car Service

      • Etc...

Vehicle Inventory

  • Having items stored in your vehicle after logging off may cause a loss of contents 

  • An apartment should be used for long term storage

Job Tutorials


  • Go to the Oil Refiner Locker Room near the docks.

  • Put on the work clothes, and spawn the truck. 

  • Drive the truck to the “Drill For Oil” blip on the map.

  • Collect the oil and go down to the “Refine Oil” blip on the map

  • With the refined oil, go down to the “Mix Refined Oil” blip.

  • Deliver the final product to the “Deliver Gas” blip.



  • Go to the Lumberjack Locker Room.

  • Put on the work clothes.

  • Drive to the “Wood Pile” and collect the wood.

  • Then go to the “Cut Wood” blip and cut the wood.

  • Take that wood to the “Boards” blip and retrieve your packaged wood.

  • Take your new wood down to the “Delivery” blip and sell it!


  • Go to the Miner Locker Room. Put on your worker clothes and spawn the truck. 

  • Go to the “Rock” blip and retrieve 7 stones. 

  • Wash the stones at the “Rock Washing” blip.

  • Take your washed stones to the “Rock Smelting” blip.

  • Take any copper you have to the “Copper Seller” blip, diamonds to the “Diamond Seller” blip, iron to the “Iron Seller” blip and gold to the “Gold Seller” blip. 



  • Go to the “Downtown Cab Co.” blip and spawn a taxi.

  • Pres F6 to open your job menu and start an npc job or wait for a player to need a ride

  • If you chose the npc job drive around until you have a customer. Pick them up and drive them to their destination

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